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So the bugs decided they wanted to go back to our own Galaxy, because they'd found info in the ships computer about Apophis's base on Delmak. Apparently it's 'tasty' to them, because of all the tech. Whatever. I'm just glad we're going back. Extremely fast, even, because the little buggers have upgraded the engines.


"We can't let the bugs get a foothold in our galaxy. These things are relentless. Even the Asgard haven't been able to stop them." Carter says, destroying my mood.

"What about self-distruct?" I suggest.

"Right! Once it was set on Apophis's ship, the bugs didn't seem to be able to shut it off." Carter says.

"Looks like the bugs have figured out Goa'uld computers. We can't get into the main system." Jacob observes.

Crap, I'd hope the little nasties wouldn't be able to figure it out, but I guess they're smart.

"All right. Come on, let's figure this out! We got em on Thor's ship." I say.

"How?" Jacob asks.

"We distroyed the deceleration drive just before it entered Earth's atmosphere. It couldn't withstand an uncontrolled reentry."

"Goa'uld motherships use sublight engines to slow down after exiting hyperspeed." Jacob says.

"If we distroy the sublight engines ..." Martouf continues.

"... the ship won't be able to stop ..." Carter says.

"... and it'll crash right into Apophis's planet." Jacob nods.

I can't say I like where this is going.

"Now, we would have to wait until just after the ship comes out from hyperspace. So the bugs won't have time to change trajectory." Carter says, unperturbed.

"All right. How do we destroy these engines?" I ask.

"All we have to do is eliminate the control crystals." Jacob says.

"In the engine room?" Carter asks.

"Which is bug central, probably." Daniel says, in a negative voice.

"So we plant C4." I decide.

"The bugs could disable the detonator by the time we leave and set it off." Carter says.

"What are you saying?" I ask, concerned.

"To be sure, we would have to PHYSICALLY destroy the crystals ourselves. A P90 at close range would do the job." Carter says.

"Oh, no! Now, see? That doesn't sound like a g ..." I begin.

"You got a better idea? Mr. Positive?" Jacob says, sarcastically. So he is still mad at my quip earlier. Figures.

"The ship has now reached over 800 times it's previous max. speed." Carter informs us.

"All right! We'll be there pretty soon. One of us has to get the cargo ship charged up and ready to go."

"That would be you and Daniel." I say. "Carter, Marty, with me."

"It's gonna be tight, guys. You have about 30 seconds to get from the engine room back to the cargo bay." Jacob says.

"Just keep it runnin'." I tell him.

"All right. Good luck!" Jacob says.

Carter and Marty follows me.

We make it, but only just! And only because Jacob can ring us out from the ring room. I really, really hate those bugs!

We escape in the cargo ship, and Apophis and the bugs go down on Delmak, crashing into the planet hard.

I really, really hope that kills them off. Especially the bugs, but Apophis too. I'm not going down there to check right now, though.

"I'm gonna go check on Teal'c." I tell them.

"Jack. You got his body back. Getting his mind back may not be as easy."

"I am no longer brainwashed, even if it meant I lost about a week of memories. I believe Teal'c can be cured too." Martouf says.

I smile at him. "Thanks." I go to see Teal'c.

You may torture me all you wish. I will tell you nothing." Teal'c says.

"I'm sorry I had to shoot you. You didn't give me much choice." I say. Teal'c doesn't respond. "Apophis ... is dead."

Teal'c just gives me that stoic look. "I do not believe you."

"Trust me."

"GODS can not BE killed!" He gives me another stoic look.

I leave him for now. I agree with Marty - we will find a way to un-brainwash Teal'c. Perhaps Bra'tac knows something.

I go back to the main part of the cargo ship. Daniel is talking to Jacob, and Carter and Martouf is sitting beside each other on a crate, whispering. They look very much in love.

That part of my mission was a great success. I did the right thing when I saved Martouf/Lantash. Carter is happy.

And Teal'c will be fine too.

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