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"My Lord Apophis!" Teal'c offers in welcome.

"Teal'c! Shol'vah!" past-Apophis says, flashing his eyes.

"Teal'c is again loyal," Apophis says with a smug grin. "Kree! Take us to the prisoners!"

"Yes, my Lord."

Teal'c and the other Jaffa led the way, with Apophis following, and beside him past-Apophis. Last came past-Apophis's first prime, Ra'lok, and another guard.

"My spy has confirmed that SG-1, including Teal'c, is currently at Stargate Command, so it would seem you are speaking the truth. In this at least," past-Apophis says.

"Of course." Apophis walks on.

Far behind them Martouf/Lantash follows, listening in. They shake their head at the strangeness of it all.

~We need to save Samantha and her friends!~ Martouf insists.

~Of course, and we will,~ Lantash assures him.

"Behold my success! SG-1!" Apophis boasts, pointing.

"Quite impressive." Past-Apophis throws a worried look at Teal'c. "Very well. I shall listen to what you have to say. Together the empire of Apophis shall become even larger!"

"Yes it shall - with me as the master!" Apophis says.

As agreed on, Teal'c and the other Jaffa shoots past-Apophis and his first prime with a zat'nik'tel, while Apophis takes care of the other guard past-Apophis has brought.

"Treason!" the guards manages before he sinks to the ground.

"Throw them in the cell beside the Tau'ri and Tok'ra scum." Apophis hesitates. "Apophis should be in a separate cell. I will deal with them all alter. Now I have much to do."

"Yes, my Lord."

"As soon as they are locked up you will join me in the ring transporter room. Together we will take my domain back, and I will get my rightful place again!" He grins. "It is must fortunate he - I - was too suspicious to share my presence here with anyone but the first Prime and one guard! We will not have difficulty convincing his people that I am he!"

Martouf and Lantash was not able to follow Apophis et. al. to the prison cells, but now they watches as Apophis walks to the ring transportation room. Teal'c and the other Jaffa follows soon.

When Martouf/Lantash has seen them transport down, they draw a deep breath, feeling relief.

~All right. Let's make sure no one else is on the ship, and then free Samantha and the others,~ Martouf suggest.

~Yes. I feel fairly certain no one else is on board, though. One other thing, the ship seems damaged in a weird way - there are odd holes here and there, almost as if something gnawed through it.~

~Yes, I noticed. Creepy.~

They made a quick check, including a scan from the bridge, and then hurried to the prison cells.

~I believe they would rather talk to you, so you better take control,~ Lantash says.

~I fear you are correct, though surely Samantha will talk to you as happily as me.~

~I am not sure of that, but we can discuss that later.~

Martouf gets control and walks up to the prison cell and unlocks it.

"Martouf!" Sam exclaims, looking at him in surprise. Then a smile spreads over her face. "I had not thought I'd see you here!"

"Or ever again," Jack adds. "But it's good to see you, Marty!"

"Very." Daniel smiles.

Jacob nods at him, giving him a smile. "Thanks for freeing us."

Martouf nods back. "I do not believe Apophis will be back soon, but we should hurry in any case." He frowns. "The... ah, other Apophis is in a prison cell here."

"Yeah, that's a long story." Jack looks pained at the thought of it. "Daniel - Carter - one of you guys bring him up to speed, will ya?"

"Sure." Daniel shrugs. "We timetravelled, from a year in the future, and Apophis came along, unfortunately. Oh, and Teal'c is brainwashed."

"I suspected some of this, from what I heard them talk about. What about the holes in the walls?"

"Replicators," Daniel says.

"Nasty critters. Eats anything - and anyone," Jack adds. "Infested the ship."

"Um, maybe we shouldn't take about this. In front of Martouf, I mean," Sam says,

Martouf nods. "Because you are from the future and fear it will change the timeline if I know about it. I understand."

"What does it matter? It's not like he'll be around for... ah, damn," Jack says.

Martouf stares at him for several moments. "I will be killed?"

Sam groans.

"The timeline has probably changed already. Come on - let's see if we can stop Apophis from changing it too much," Jacob says.

"He will attempt to avoid anyone knowing he isn't the Apophis from this time," Martouf says.

"Right." Sam nods. "Which means we may be able to cut a deal with this Apophis. He will be interested in anything that gets him back in his throne."

"I do not think you can trust him," Martouf says.

"Oh, I agree, but let's hear your plan anyway, Carter," Jack orders.

"It's simple. If he helps us capture future-Apophis, then we'll return him to his palace."

"How will you avoid him just making a deal with, uh, past-Apophis, and screwing us over?" Jack asks.

"I doubt he's ready to trust himself right now." Sam grinned. "Besides, he'll stay in the cell for now, and we only let his first prime go down with us. He can help us capture Apophis."

"This is confusing. Too many Apophis's!" Jack says.

"Then, when the right Apophis is back on his planet, we put the other in a holding cell and figure out a way to return to our own time - and hope not too much has changed."

Jack nods. "Why don't we take the chance and remove Apophis completely?"

Sam shakes her head. "We don't dare do that. We don't know what else it will do. It may do something worse." She looks at Martouf. "Don't think for a minute that I wouldn't change the past if I could. Change it so..." Her voice breaks.

Martouf takes her hands in his. "I understand, but you're right. I have to go back, even if it means my death. It's not safe altering the timeline."

Sam nods, wordlessly, fighting back tears.

"Okay, let's get to work, then!" Jack says.

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