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"Samantha," Martouf says in a low voice, throwing a glance in the direction where Teal'c is. "May I talk with you in private?"

Sam frowns, but nods. "Sure."

They go for a short walk in the corridor.

"Forgive me for asking this. I do not wish to seem suspicious of your friend, but how did you remove Teal'c's brainwashing? And are you absolutely sure he is himself?"

Sam sighs. "Dad is suspicious too, but the Colonel is convinced Teal'c is himself. Apparently he was able to overcome the brainwashing through some Jaffa mind technique."

Martouf nods slowly. "I see."

"You don't believe it?"

"I am...skeptical," Martouf admits.

Sam sighs again. "So am I, to be honest. Well, the best we can do is keep an eye on him."

"So, Teal'c will contact Apophis when he arrives, in..." Jack looks at his clock. "10 minutes, right?"

"Yes," Sam says.

"Okay, so Teal'c, you contact Apophis and tell him you've travelled back in time again after failing to stop SG-1 from killing Apophis in this timeline. Both Apophis's. You want to turn the ship over to him - oh, and Jacob got out of the cell and has messed with the controls so you can only use them if you have naquadah in the blood," Jack says. "He's back in the cell, awaiting punishment."

"I think the plan is a bit far-fetched," Daniel says.

"Never mind. Apophis should at least be curious, shouldn't he?"

"I think he will - he won't turn down a chance at getting two of these ships," Jacob says.

Teal'c inclines his head. "I shall contact Apophis."

"He's firing on us!" Sam exclaims.

"Teal'c! What did you say?" Jack demands.

"I gave the secret code that means the ship was under enemy control." Teal'c smiles. "I would never betray my god Apophis!"

"Dammit, Teal'c!" Jack exclaims. "Marty - take him to a cell and lock him up!"

"Teal'c, kree!" Lantash orders, angrily and waves a zat at Teal'c.

Teal'c follows, but still smiles. He turns in the door before leaving. "My god will be victorious!"

"He's damaged our shields!" Jacob tells them. "Down to 60%. Hang on! Incoming!"

The ship is rocked by a violent explosion, throwing them all against the walls or furniture. Another hit rocks them almost immediately after, and then another.

Teal'c gets away in the general chaos, and Lantash sets off after him, intent on finding and catching him.

"Shields at 40%! Weapons are down!" Jacob tells them. "I suggest ramming the other ship - that should destroy them both!"

"Are you crazy?" Jack exclaims.

"We can escape in the teltac - and then we can set this ship to ram the other!" Sam suggests, trying to help Jacob reroute the controls.

Jack hesitates. The ship is rocked by another explosion. "30%! Do it!"

"I've put the ship on a collision course - it'll track the other ship. Sam - come with me! We'll set the engines to overload. Quickly!" Jacob shouts.

"We'll meet you on the flight deck!" Sam tells Daniel and Jack. She grabs her radio and calls into it. "Martouf! We're abandoning the ship! Get Teal'c if you can and meet us on the flight deck in 5 minutes!"

They all race towards their destinations, while the ship takes another hit.

Meanwhile, Teal'c has made it to the cells and released Apophis and the Jaffa guard. Lantash shouts at them, "This ship is getting destroyed in less than 5 minutes, Teal'c! If you want to live, come with me to the flight deck!" He points at them with his zat.

"I will never leave my god!" Teal'c insists.

"Don't be a fool! The Goa'uld are not gods!" Lantash tells him.


"Why would I lie? Would I not instead insist that I am a god?" Lantash says, frustrated. The shield is hit by another explosions. "Come with me!"

"Teal'c! We will go with them!" Apophis says, a worried expression on his face as the ship groans under another barrage of shots.

Lantash groans and is about to fire on Apophis and the Jaffa guard.

~No - Teal'c will only come if his 'god' comes too!~ Martouf warns.

~Accursed Goa'uld! Very well - SG-1 wants all their people alive.~ Lantash waves with the zat. "As you wish, but if you try anything I will shoot you immediately!"

They all run towards the flight deck.

Sam and Jacob have managed to rig the engines to explode, and then hurry to meet the others. They arrive on the flight deck at the same time as Martouf/Lantash, Teal'c, Apophis, and the Jaffa guard.

"Why is he here!" Jacob complains, glaring at Apophis.

"Teal'c would not come without his god," Lantash tells them.

Jacob rolls his eyes. "Well, hurry up! This thing is blowing in less than a minute!"

Jack and Daniel are waiting with the doors open to the teltac.

"He's not welcome!" Jack tells them, seeing Apophis.

"I will not go with you without my god!" Teal'c exclaims.

There is an explosion that sets all alarms blaring and the deck now tilts.

"We'll sort it out later!" Jacob shouts. "Get onboard, all of you!"

They do, and Jacob runs for the pilot room. The ship lifts off as soon as the doors close behind the last of them.

Which is also the moment Lantash shoots Apophis and the Jaffa guard - and then Teal'c. They all sink to the ground.

"Good move," Jack says.

Lantash nods. "We should throw off Apophis and his guard."

"Oh, I agree, but not now. We need to escape first," Jack says. "Help me tie them up, for now."

Jacob flies the ship towards the slowly opening exit, clearing the sides of it by mere feet. They exit just as the two motherships crash into each other, and the engines of their own mothership overload at the same time.

As they are speeding away, the shockwave from the huge explosion hits them, and carries them towards the star, hurling through space.

They slowly wake up, as the ship is slowly drifting through space.

"What happened?" Sam asks, groaning.

"We were hit by a shockwave," Jacob tells her. "From the explosion."

"Where are we?" Jack asks, touching his head carefully.

Lantash picks himself up from the floor and goes to the controls. "Just a moment." He tries to adjust for the damage to the controls, and finally succeeds. "I believe we are in the Nowla system - it is neighboring the Rolek system."

"We were thrown through space by the shockwave?" Sam asks.

"Yes, when it - and we - collided with the sun's corona," Lantash says.

"Um - in that case... I'm not sure I dare ask, but when are we?" Sam asks.

Lantash is silent for a moment, checking the controls and calculating. "I believe the date is April 5th, 2002 - as you count the dates on the world of the Tau'ri."

"April 5th, 2002!" Jack exclaims. "We're in the future!"

"Yes - about 9 months into the future, compared to the date when we were originally sent back," Sam says, shaking her head. "This is crazy!"

"Wait! What about Apophis!" Daniel suggenly asks.

"He's tied up - I hope." Jack runs to the other room. "Yup!" He shouts. "He, Teal'c, and the other Jaffa are still nicely tied up - as well as awake and angry!"

Sam sighs. "We should get back to Earth - the Tok'ra can take care of Apophis, right?"

"Yes," Martouf says, having gotten control back. "We will interrogate him, and then remove him and kill him."

Sam nods. "At least we've captured him. I really hope we can un-brainwash Teal'c." She smiles tiredly at Martouf and squeezes his arm gently. "I'm really happy to have you here."

"Likewise." Martouf smiles at her.

"Sam! Martouf! Come help me fix the ship!" Jacob orders.

"Yes, dad."

"Yes, Jacob."

"And when we return, everyone probably thinks we're dead!" Jack shakes his head.

"I hope they haven't sold my things!" Daniel suddenly realizes.

"Your things! Who cares about stuff - I just hope someone remembered to tape "the Simpsons!" Jack says. He looks towards the other compartment and adds. "And that there is some Jaffa technique which really can remove Teal'c's brainwashing."

"And that there is still an Earth to return to - who knows what's happened in those 9 months!" Daniel adds.

"Don't be so depressing." Jack sits down and leans against the wall. "I'm sure it'll work out. I mean, it's not like it's been hit by an asteroid or anything!"

A/N: hehe - I guess they just have time to go back and stop the asteroid from Anubis from making Jack's statement prophetic :)


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